Learning survival skill…

type 1 diabetes

We are going through this together, me and my little girl, and I try my best to give her necessary knowledge to foster independence in her life.

My daughter is 6 and I am proud to tell that Albina can check her blood sugar herself (she washes hands first with no reminder :)), then she calls me (we bought a phone plan for her, now she has the phone and is proud of it, loves to call me from another room just for the sake of calling), tells me her blood sugar number, then, with my guidance she punches in carbs in her pump, tells me estimated total insulin and delivers!

We have been practicing this for a long time. Albina has become so confident and asks to bolus herself all the time.

I am so proud of my little warrior and happy that she can do that, because now when my little student goes to her evening activities, which lasts couple of hours, she can participate, then eat her food without being high in numbers (high BG really affects her temper in a bad way) and enjoy her evening.



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