Silence is gold in some cases

type 1 diabetes

I truly believe that diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 should be given different names. This way people, who do not know the difference, will not bring to common denominator both deceases and spare us, who are affected by type 1 in this way or the other, some stupid and sometimes offensive “helpful” advise or invasive comments.

I know, people mean probably good, but I do get offended when someone argues with me about the disease I am dealing with on behalf of my daughter, that type 1 is 100% reversible. The only thing I have to do is to feed her foods according to her blood type!

That’s all.

That all it takes: I should have looked up long time ago the diet, that is recommended to Albi’s blood type and her diabetes would not have developed to begin with!

I tried to explain what is type 1. Do you think that person even wanted to listen?

Yes, I was offended, I was hurt. Even my husband, who is more laid back than me, could not be around that person anymore and left her company.

The rhetorical question is why do people advise and argue on matters they do not have a clue about?

How do you deal with such people?


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