Severe hypoglycemia


Many people who suffer from diabetes Type 1, wake up at night and check themselves. I wake up every single night to check my daughter’s BG. I made this a habit after one horrible night when she had her first seizure.

That night she wanted to sleep with us, and I let her. I am so glad that I did, because she might have not woken up again after that seizure episode.

I woke up because Albi was twitching, shaking and her eyes were wild. She didn’t scream, she couldn’t cry for help, she produced no noise except hiccups, her head was like of a doll, shaking in all directions uncontrollably. She was silently seizing by my side.

That was the first time in my life when I saw a seizure.  I was inexperienced in treating such severe hypoglycemia and my panic frozen brain was not thinking straight at all.

Everything happened so fast, from the moment I woke up. While my husband was calling 911, I got a jar of honey and started to rub her gums and her tongue with it. Her BG was 3.7 (66.6 in US), and when in 8 minutes ambulance came (my husband timed), they checked and her BG was 1.7 (30.6)

I know I should have used glucagon, and now if Albi has this again, I will be more productive.

We all have our first time for everything.

Anyways, after that night I check her BG every night, and let me tell you that I have caught many lows and treated it before they escalate into seizure..


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