Can you explain?

diabetes, type 1 diabetes

Today is that day when I can’t explain how Albi’s pancreas works. I mean I know it does not work in the terms of providing my daughter with insulin to keep her alive, but today is the day when I have this delusional feeling that it has started to work all of a sudden.

Yes, I know that is not possible but let me explain. My daughter Albi was on a low side for a couple of days and I changed her basal rate and she was right in her target range again.

pancreas, diabetes

But today, when she woke up in the morning, she had BG 4.7 (which is around 85 in US). She refused to eat, so I decided to give her a drinkable yogurt to elevate her BG to be safe.

When in two hours her nurse called me and said she was low as 3.4 (61) I said OK, do not bolus her and let her just eat her snack which was with good amount of carbs, around 30 gr.

I was surprised when he called me in two hours and said that her BG did not change, meaning she still was at 3.4 after 30 grams of carbs. Oookeeey, I thought. For lunch Albi was going to have pizza, me and our nurse agreed not to bolus her again, but he said he would come in to check her…Just to be sure.

After and hour and a half after eating a big slice of pizza, Albi was 7.8 (140)!!!

That is something! Albi gets high BG after everything except water, never mind pizza!

So, today is the day when I think of miracles.

Yes, it is just wishful thinking, I know.

It is probably her last cells remind me that they are still there…




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