diabetes type 1

We have a wonderful nurse who comes to my daughter’s school every day for snack and lunch to test her BG and give insulin. Sometimes he would initiate the third visit in a single day if he feels that she might be low. My family is truly blessed to have his as our daughter’s nurse and I feel he doesn’t just “do his work”, he feels for his little patients.

I happen to know another mother of a Type 1 child the nurse in question looks after, so I had this opportunity to hear out someone else  experience with the same nurse.

Sometimes I spent more time on the phone with him than with my husband and we exchange way more text messages back and forth than my husband is even willing to type.

Since I am stay at home mom, I am the one who takes almost 100% of management for our dia-daughter, and our nurse is the only one with whom I can speak “on the same level” as to say. For example: I can ask him for advice about changing bolus or we can discuss basal rates.

In a way he is a part of the family.

I will always be grateful to him for caring about my kid, for helping me with decisions and for supporting me, should I happen to have a difficulty coping emotionally with diabetes related problems.

Thank you.


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