Chevron blanket for my dia-daughter.

crochet chevron pattern

I like to crochet. I have been surfing internet in the quest for something interesting and I have found a very beautiful crochet pattern that is called chevron pattern. I have fallen in love with this clean, modern and minimalist stitch.

chevron crochet pattern

My kids love when I crochet little hearts or letters they play with or other small items but this time I decided to go for something big.

Like a full size blanket.

I have been crocheting for may be 6 years now, but never was brave enough to get myself to crochet something big as a full adult size blanket . I was afraid I would abandon my project and it would become a permanent resident in a graveyard of unfinished projects, which is luckily small.

My daughter was constantly checking on the progress, I was under total quality control 🙂 This blanket took me a month and a half to make. I was crocheting on evenings only, may be for an hour or two maximum.


Having said that, I would really appreciate your guys opinion on the blanket: colors, size, etc.0


Dia-daughter means diabetic daughter. I have just coined it up, may be someone already invented this word combination before me, who knows.


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