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cure diabetes

How many of you, who deal with Type 1 diabetes on a daily basis, either managing your own disease (or as I prefer to call – condition) or your loved ones, have heard from other people, who don’t have or deal with what we do, that diabetes is reversible?

Let me tell you, for two years I have heard many absurd things. I won’t argue, may be some of the advice can be applicable to Type 2 diabetes or to some other diseases but not to Type 1!


The most often mentioned advice was to stop giving any sugary treats to my daughter altogether. After that advice usually comes a significant pause, meaning that I had probably kept my daughter on exclusively sugar-only diet and that was the reason for her diabetes in the first place. Narrow minded people have this link in their head:


(doesn’t matter what type).

Also I heard from good Samaritans that homeopathic treatment is the way out to healthy life. I am sure that homeopathic treatment has success in lots of cases but I don’t see how it can produce insulin in already dead cells.

Another “healthy” advice is to give my daughter less insulin than needed on purpose in hope that body will be forced to produce its own insulin to fill up the deficit. Yeah, right. My daughter will end up with DKA  (diabetic ketoacidosis) if I use this smart ass approach.

Also was a suggestion of drinking some cactus juice to boost her immune system. Well, it is totally fine with me to do something to boost her immune system, because I do not see any harm in it, but it will NOT cure Type 1 diabetes.

Another suggestion was to totally rule out carbs, so the body will not need any insulin by default.

What suggestions, advice and solutions have you been offered to cure or to minimize Type 1 diabetes?

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