Scary lows, crappy highs and happiness in between

high blood sugar low blood sugar

I am scared of low blood sugar, because lows can lead to immediate death. However my nurse told me it is rare. First diabetic has a seize, then they can either revive because their liver will eventually release the sugar or they may not revive and slip into coma, and then death follows if diabetic doesn’t get help. Even if they survive they can have some sort of a brain damage.

My daughter has had two seizures in her life, and this was the most scary thing I have ever seen. I thought my heart would stop because of horror when I saw her little body jerking and twitching. Those seizures happened at night time, and BG dropped quickly and dramatically, that is why I always check her blood sugar at night.

I hate high BS, because if sugar is high, in my daughter’s case it is difficult to bring it down sometimes. I need to do multiple correction to avoid insulin stacking. It takes time to bring it down, and she feels irritated and restless until sugars stabilize.

I am scared of diabetic complications, I was assured that they are rare nowadays, but I am still scared. I haveĀ fear of what is going to happen in her teens years, when her rebellious self will call for independence and “i-know-it-all” attitude. I hope she takes after my husband on this one, who was a good boy and did not cause any troubles to his mom (lol).

I celebrate small victories that seems huge to me, like steady blood sugar for several hours without dips or highs and my daughter feeling good and joyful during this time.


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