Opinions, judgment ..

“You must feed her too many sugars”, “If your daughter had had a better diet she wouldn’t have become diabetic”, “Did you feed her junk food or something”…

These and many more questions like these I have heard whenever I mention that my daughter has diabetes.

Well, once I thought that there is only one type of diabetes (type 2), now I am more educated than before. When people ask questions whether or not Albina’s diabetes was caused by wrong diet, is one thing. I just explain that diabetes is autoimmune disease that has nothing to do with food.

However, when people start arguments with me that I am the one to blame for her medical condition, because I should of fed her according to her blood type, which is AB+ (yes, there is a diet according to specific blood type), that annoys me deeply.

Even my mom once in a while asks me, if I was sure that Albina had not had sweets prior to her diagnosis. Well, first off she was exclusively breast fed, and this awesome fact didn’t save her (unfortunately), second off I guarded off any sweets except fruits and berries of her. The first cookie she tried when she was 2 y.o. And she was diagnosed at 4.

So, moms and dads of diabetic kids. Don’t you ever blame yourself for your choices of your kid’s food that (big quote) supposedly lead to diabetes. You guys have won diabetes lottery ticket, that all.

And to all people who think that feeding kids strictly with chicken and brussel sprouts grant them (kids) happy life without any trouble…well, as long as type 1 diabetes is concerned, you guys are wrong


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